Meet the Automatic Memo: Company Analysis Made Easy

We’re making company analysis smarter, faster, and easier. We’re excited to introduce our newest AI-based tool – the Automatic Memo.

Here are some things that take more than two minutes:

  • Getting more than two people to decide on pizza toppings
  • Tying a perfect Windsor knot
  • Realizing that the guy who’s been pitching you his startup does not actually understand blockchain technology

Here is a thing that takes less than two minutes:

  • Collecting company fingerprints and insights you need –  for any company. For free.

Zirra is proud to present its latest AI achievement: the Automatic Memo.

In the time it takes to sneeze a few times, you can search a companyand  get all the data you need to put its story together. Continue reading “Meet the Automatic Memo: Company Analysis Made Easy”

When Numbers Do Lie: The Case for Qualitative Analysis

On paper, the numbers are great, but there are factors that can’t be quantified. The case for qualitative analysis in a quantitative world.

Let’s go back: it’s summer 2015. A simpler time. That “Want to Want Me” song won’t stop playing, over and over again, from every radio on Earth. The phrase “fake news” has yet to enter common parlance.

And in every publication is a profile of a young woman, often accompanied by a photo of her in a black turtleneck, studying a tiny vial holding an even tinier drop of blood. You know, the picture from the featured image.  Continue reading “When Numbers Do Lie: The Case for Qualitative Analysis”