IntroMe app wants you to get out and meet humans

What is IntroMe?

IntroMe wants to be a new type of social network. The company’s founders claim they have built an entirely new kind of social media platform. The service is aimed to help you discover new people with similar interests, who are nearby. If they can accomplish what they set out to do with IntroMe, this app has a lot of potential. Think about it: Too many people feel they are being social and connected to others all the time, but the reality is that they are all staring at a backlit screen on some sort of electronic device with nothing but pixels staring back at them.

IntroMe really could get people back out there and meeting other real, flesh and blood human beings (that in itself is almost a ‘disruptive’ new concept). Brand new moms, who often feel quite lost when going from busy career woman to sitting at home with a baby, can look for other mothers in their area to hang with in the park. People who have relocated for work can quickly meet like-minded people and build a new social circle. If your friends and family are sick and tired of listening to you go on and on about Dr Who, IntroMe gives you the opportunity to look for other Whovians and totally geek out together! Want to get fit, but don’t have the motivation to go for a run on your own every night? Get an exercise buddy. You get the point, yeah? The possibilities are endless really. Keep in mind that of course the idea is to actually spend your time together away from your phone and not obsessively check every 5 minutes for new emails, Facebook messages or Tweets.

The app allows you to connect and meet safely using its proprietary TrustGuard technology. The name ‘TrustGuard’ certainly inspires confidence, but its actually referring to securing the app from hackers. It doesn’t prevent undesirables latching on to you and becoming a cyber creep, which is something to keep in mind when you decide to reveal your location to all and sundry. The geographic relevance makes sense to make social networks more meaningful and hopefully lead to real life social interaction. Helping people to actually get out and socialize with real humans is a worthy cause (hooray for reconnecting!), but it does also raise some concerns. I mean, let’s face it, apps that claim to connect people ‘with the same passions’ in real life are quite the magnet for pervs. Something that unfortunately is very real and something we need to make sure to protect ourselves and our kids from.

Are they who they say they are?

The makers’ intentions are great, but like any social communication app,, it will likely be used a lot for hooking up. Could IntroMe be the next, more meaningful hookup app ? I thought that Tinder had this whole area covered very nicely,but IntroMe does have a little more of the ‘shared interests’ involved as opposed to Tinder’s ruthless focus on split second judgements on physical appearance.

Chances are that while you’re reading this people are on IntroMe looking to get together in the most social way possible known to mankind. But hey, whatever two consenting adults decide to do in their free time is no one’s business but their own, right? For those who are able to read between the lines I have a feeling that IntroMe promises just that (Really, did you see all those hot people in the pic above?): A way of meeting people with similar interests. It’s super handy for those who have totally exhausted (no pun intended) their Facebook friends list and other social networks and really do not have it in them to travel out of their area to score. Like a “Tinder for the girl next door” if you will.

Or to organize an evening swapping your best gluten-free, Paleo recipes. That too, of course.

What’s your take on IntroMe?

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ZirraJune 4, 2015