Is investing as shallow as hooking up?

The Tinder dating app is wildly popular because it authentically recreates the real-life mate selection interactions. In the natural real-world environments, potential partners take a quick glance at each other and automatically decide if the other person is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The slick left-right swipe lets users quickly clear irrelevant candidates off their screen so they can concentrate on people who meet the first essential criterion for romance; physical attraction.

Today a UK-based company launched a swipe app for equity crowdfunding investments called Tendr (get it?) launched on iOS and Android. It aims to make wading through the growing mass of equity crowdfunding investment opportunities as fun and addictive as swiping through endless pictures of eligible singles. Swiping left to get irrelevant options out of the way makes a lot of sense in situations where ‘spam’ can’t be automatically filtered out. And spam will always be a challenge.

The big question is, does this kind of quick glance filtering make sense to investments. Is this an accurate mobile recreation of how angel investors process deal flow? Perhaps it is a good first step, but then what? Once your attention has been captured by a few attractive right-swipe investments, how do you continue from there?

Sexy is good. Sexy is fabulous. But is it really an appropriate methodology for selecting investments? Maybe. We shall see. Certainly, the ‘old guard’ investment experts would insist that a deeper analysis is necessary. But maybe they are just being stodgy.

Tendr founder Lex Deak told TechCrunch, “In the near future it will be the norm to invest in unlisted equities and alternative investments from your smartphone.” That prediction I think we can all agree with.

Will you try Tendr?

ZirraJune 4, 2015