Mine Shaft Brewing is Disneyland for Beer

Sometimes you come across an investment opportunity that gets your blood pumping just a little bit faster. For me, Mine Shaft Brewing is one of those companies. If there are two things in the world that I absolutely love they are quality beer and cider from smaller/alternative/micro/craft breweries. I cannot remember the last time I picked up a regular mainstream brew (sorry Bud, once upon a time we were good friends, but I’m a woman of the world now with a more refined palette). It’s not just me though. Beer drinking, in general, has been changing over the past years and your regular mega-brand brews are just not cutting it anymore in the sexy beers department. More people seem to be going for something a little different, a bit more exotic than your average six-pack. The craft beer market is continuously expanding.

So what is Mine Shaft Brewing all about then?

Currently, Mine Shaft Brewery is still a concept, but on their website founder Tim Neneckey does a pretty nice job helping you imagine what the park and brewery in Park City, Utah will look like when it’s built and running. Now, apart from always drinking a bit too much beer and cider at any given opportunity, I can’t call myself an expert on breweries and what they should look like but seems to me that their idea is pretty cool. Rather than drawing up a business plan for a regular brewery that does group tours and company events, they’re plan is to open a 20,000 foot facility that holds the 10,000 foot brewery, a park with a restaurant featuring traditional American grill menu to accompany their brews, an event hall and all kinds of sport’s facilities around the brewery. And as we’re talking numbers now for a moment anyway, they’re promising a 60k barrel capacity from day one for their beers, ciders and ales. Wooohooo, now you’re talking! Bring it on guys.

The site, right next to Utah Olympic Park, has a lot going for it with rolling green hills suitable for mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter when they’re covered in snow. The ideal setting for the all American tradition of beer and outdoor sports.

According to the big chief, Neneckey, Mine Shaft Brewing is poised to become of the top 50 US brewers in the next 5 to 6 six years. ‘That’s rather ambitious’, I hear you say? Very ambitious I say, but they really seem to believe in their concept and being able to make it happen. They have a lot of passion for beer and a good bit of experience between them. Their brewmaster is an award winner at the Great American Beer Festival so I think we can safely assume he knows his stuff when it comes down to brewing a tasty beer. So who knows? It may just all happen for them. I for one wish them the best of good luck. And I’ll happily volunteer myself to be on their test panels when the time comes.

ZirraJune 7, 2015