Wisecrack makes learning bad ass

How can anyone possibly make learning badass? Studying is about sitting down with a pile of books to try and absorb as much info as you possibly can before a test or exam and to then forget all of it pretty much straight after. It’s about spending, what feels like, a million hours writing essays on subjects you will most likely never use in your whole life. And because it’s all boring as hell, chances are extremely small that you will be able to remember more than a few percents at the end of your studies, even if you wanted to.

That is exactly what the guys from Wisecrack thought. Not every student is the same, so why on earth is there only one mind-numbing, soul-destroying way to learn? Why not make learning fun, temporary and relevant for a whole range of students that are less than interested in sitting still for hours trying to remember old literature, philosophy, and other dry subjects? Wisecrack decided that it was time to change how we learn and managed to find a way to do so completely!

How Wisecrack actually does make learning fun

Sparky Sweets, PhD. tells us that their Thug Notes is classic literature, original gangster. He gives us the load down on all the big classics in a way that relates to modern day students. And in a way it makes total sense. Shakespeare, for instance, was totally cool, ground-breaking and modern back in his day, so why not pay the man the respect he still deserves and makes his books as awesome for students to read today as they were a good 400 years ago? I checked out a few clips on YouTube and I have to say that maybe not all the slang was totally clear to me (good thing they have subtitles), the message came across loud and clear and I found myself very entertained. This despite the fact that I have a slight Shakespeare trauma from my college days.

And thanks to Wisecrack, philosophy just became bad ass too! How’s that even imaginable, right? A difficult subject at the best of times, through their 8-bit Philosophy these guys seemed have found a way to not only make philosophy accessible for the masses, but also to make it interesting, contemporary and funny. You can’t really go wrong when you have Mario Bros. explaining you about Marxism or learn Plato Allegory of the Cave through Zelda, can you?

Their last feature at this point in time is Earthling Cinema, where alien Garyx Wormuloid teaches students (or anyone who’s interested really) cinema from an alien point of view. Maybe it’s a bit far fetched and in my opinion the weak link in this enterprise when it comes down to education, but not less amusing.

Are these guys trying too hard? Possibly a bit here and there, but looking at their YouTube success their formula seems to be working. It’s common knowledge that the education system is totally outdated for the times we live in and quite frankly…sucks. Students today are in need of alternative ways to learn and Wisecrack is giving the right example of how it can be done. And why not? You’re only young once, you may as well have as much fun as possible.

ZirraJune 9, 2015