July 2015 Top investments – Part 1

01 July 2015 Top 10 Investments

Information is king, as evidenced by the leading investment for July 1, Bitvore, which helps businesses stay on top of the information flowing on the internet by systematically searching out this information, indexing it, and intelligently correlating key changes to your portfolio, competitors, customers, and suppliers.

Number two in the top investments list is HICKIES, a New York-based global company that specializes in designing responsive lacing systems that replace the lowly shoelace. Yes, you heard correctly – lacing systems – and they’re designed for today’s active lifestyle, providing different lacing techniques to make your shoelaces fit your foot.

Interesting enough, OwnLocal, a digital ad agency for local media, is back in the top three investments this month. OwnLocal is used by 1,500+ local media companies to power their digital ad agencies, by automatically converting print, radio, and television ads into online marketing.

ZirraJuly 2, 2015