How to improve the Zirrating of your equity crowdfunding investment

Zirraӳ investment list is updated continuously based on the ratings determined by the crowd funding investors. In addition, each week Zirra features its top-rated investments, providing companies with an additional opportunity to be viewed by potential investors.

Zirra Experts Ratings

Want to improve your ratings?

While Zirra never interferes with these ratings, and they are always based on what the crowd determines, there are a number of steps you can take to increase your exposure and help improve your ratings:

  1. Provide us with information about your company.
  2. Include a 30-second elevator pitch.
  3. Provide the best clip that demonstrates why your company is so great.
  4. Include a quote or two from your founders.
  5. Include a list of key members and investors.
  6. Tell us, in a note, about your competitors ֠and why youӲe better.
  7. Whenever possible, provide sales/revenue forecasts ֠those are always a plus!
  8. Fill out the company survey and forward it to your friends and family.
  9. Comment on the investment page for other viewers.
  10. Follow up as the rating changes.
ZirraJuly 8, 2015