Tracemyfile Wants to Protects Online IP

The volume of intellectual property online continues to grow and with it, the number of cases in which content is stolen or used without authorization. A Swedish startup on Crowdfunder now promises a solution that protects online content.

As a member of several online communities IӶe been privy to many discussions (or rather arguments) about how to protect our content on the Internet. Once you post content, how do you then ensure that someone doesnӴ take it and use for themselves, either privately or commercially?

Bridging this privacy protection gap is exactly what Tracemyfile does. Tracemyfile is a unique privacy protection platform that enables users to protect their content when sharing files online. This enables the user to gain better control over their intellectual assets, monetize the distribution of their work, and to find new opportunities through more efficient communication of the content.

Sounds pretty good, right? A quick look at the companyӳ website shows that the idea originates from the same debate my friends and I have online – the never ending unauthorized use of images as well as intellectual property and copyright infringements that occur online every day!

Here’s a quick explanation of how the platform works:

Tracemyfile is the brainchild of Swedish serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Gunnar Nilsson, who, over the past 18 months, has invested in bringing together system developers, programmers, web developers and designers to create a web based solution that enables Internet users to trace, protect and control their content online.

The company is banking on what it says is a huge market opportunity in the billion dollar image and file sharing industry, because there is no similar services package currently available for online content. They believe the time-to-market will work in their favor, and as such, they will gain a profitable market share quite quickly.

Second round funding

Tracemyfile has already raised over 1.7M SEK (ñ50 000) through Crowdcube in Sweden and the UK. It launched it first tracing service earlier this year, and plans to add ID and watermarking, blocking and monetization services soon.

Tracemyfile plans to raise $900,000 this time around, and to use the capital for a commercial roll-out of the company and its services.

A wide range of privacy services

While the company is still at the funding stage, here are the services they plan to offer:

  • Tracing where files are shared online and monitoring them through reporting mechanisms
  • Signing files with digital watermark signatures
  • Encrypting files with a password that helps protect them online
  • Restricting the access of viewers to the online files
  • Digital asset account that enables the user to save their personal digital assets in one place
  • Communication feature that enables the user to message their audience through the file itself
  • Price-tagging the file with an option to receive direct payments for it
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ZirraJuly 12, 2015