Zirra is an unbiased rating and analysis platform for private companies based on crowd wisdom and predictive analytics. We build the very best tools and community to help you discover and evaluate private companies. Zirra utilizes knowledge sourced from industry experts, search engines, and the wisdom of the crowd to give you the tools to get wiser.

We Analyze and Rate

Zirra’s predictive algorithm generates a rating scorecard based on this aggregated data. It is curated and cross-checked; companies are analyzed, rated and ranked, resulting in information on which to make smart decisions.

We use Crowd Power

We harness this power by having our crowd and expert community review and adjust the investment data and the score card.

We Track and Re-evaluate

Keeping all information and analysis up to date is vital – we continuously conduct reviews of data, score cards and crowd evaluations.

Discover companies by searching for keywords, company name or filtering the database by category, location, platform or how much capital the company is currently raising.
On the company profile page you’ll find key company information and estimates generated by our experts and proprietary algorithms, such as the valuation, time to ROI and funding needs
Flag and track companies that interest you.
Share interesting company profiles via social media or email.
Use Zirra’s proprietary information and insights as inputs to your own investment decision making process.
Join our community of experts and get paid for contributing your own insights and wisdom.


To ensure trustworthiness of crowd investment reviews, among the investing community and prospective investors, Zirra has established the following Code of Conduct.

  • 1All of our reviews are provided by unbiased, independent investor reviewers.
  • 2No compensation is made to reviewers based on meeting funding goals or equity performance.
  • 3We will suspend any reviewers and reject reviews based on negative attitudes towards any company, or that, for any reason, were not submitted in good faith.
  • 4While product and service owners can request their projects be reviewed, we will always denote which reviews have been commissioned.