August 2015 Top investments – Part 1

2 August 2015 Top 10 Investments

August started out with a number of interesting additions to the Top 10 list, including HeroX, which was founded as a means of democratizing the XPRIZE innovation model. XPRIZE, a highly-leveraged and highly-incentive prize competition, pushes the limits of whatӳ possible to change the world for the better.

HeroX is designed to enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to create a challenge that addresses any problem or opportunity. HeroX enables XPRIZE competitors to then build a community around that challenge and activate the circumstances that can lead to a breakthrough innovation. HeroX is also the first Top 10 investment from Israeli equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd.

Another interesting top 10 investment, coming in at number 3, is Rani Therapeutics, a biotech firm that has developed a novel approach for delivering oral drugs that usually require painful injections. Rani Therapeutics is featured at length in the Zirra blog.

The top 10 spots continue to be led by data firms, including EasyAsk Technologies and Zealot.

ZirraAugust 3, 2015