August 2015 Top investments – Part 5

23 August 2015 Top 10 Social Impact Investments

This week’s top 10 investments spotlights women-led companies and features an eclectic mix of investing opportunities – from event promotion to software to women’s health – women-led companies are a growing niche in the equity crowdfunding arena.

At the top of the list you’ll find VIPorbit Software, which designs, develops and delivers contact management software and related services. The company, which has raised $869,042 out of its target $2,750,000, was co-founded by Kristi (Elmendorf, who is also the VP of Product Development.

Kindara is a women’s health center focusing on reproductive health and fertility. Kindara developed Wink, which is an app designed to making fertility tracking seamless and intuitive. The app not only helps women try and get pregnant faster, but also to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The company, which was founded by Katherine Bicknell has already managed to raise its target goal of $3,350,000.

Shoobs is a marketplace for booking events and discovering nightlife events. Using Shoobs, local nightlife event organizers can promote, sell tickets and connect to targeted event, while people who are looking for local events can discover and book tickets.

ZirraAugust 30, 2015