We are having a rerelease party and you are invited!

The whole international Zirra team has pulled together, working very hard, and after a few months of giving it our all, we are excited to announce the big re-release of our website.

Like you are used to from Zirra, we provide you with all the tools to invest intelligently in private companies. Alongside the company details we always published we added a lot more exciting information such as marketing channels, business models, profile and product links and much, much more. To top it all off we also added some special features you will not be able to find on any other social- financial platform or investment websites. We called them takeaways and red flags. Takeaways are the most interesting snippets of information available about our featured companies while red flags are risk factors we advise investors to keep in mind before deciding whether they want to put their money into a company or not. We also improved our unique Zirra rating to the most popular companies giving even more insight about the current value of our featured companies. We strive to continue to expand our database on a daily basis in order to provide serious investors with the insights they need to make informed investment decisions.

There are many more fantastic, one of kind features and improvements to our website in our pipeline, but we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer and had to share with you what we accomplished so far.

Watch this space! Great things are happening.

ZirraOctober 21, 2015