Missbeez off to a Cool Start

Missbeez is a mobile platform aimed at capitalizing on the multi-billion dollar beauty services market. The company connects women in need of cosmetic services with licensed beauticians in their area for on-demand beauty care in their home or office with no need to schedule in advance or travel to a salon.

Today, Missbeez announced having raised $1.2 Million with the help of iAngels, 500 Startups, OurCrowd, Gigi Levi and others. At their early stage and with limited Israeli only track record, Zirra rates Missbeez with a valuation of $4.7M and a probable exit value of $20M-25M. In addition, Missbeez starts off with an overall rating of 6.0, not bad for a seed stage start up.

The platform enlists professional beauticians as independent service providers, and includes two separate apps: one for users and one for professionals. MissBeez aims to enable small business owners and beauty salon professionals to expand their business and clientele without any need to deal with marketing or logistics, and creates a VIP beauty care experience for busy women. While currently present in Israel, Missbeez plans to expand on to London during 2016, but the app is still in beta and Missbeez has yet to demonstrate the marketing plan required to crack such a promising yet competitive space. The track record of the founders, Maya Gura and Gil Bouhnick, the experience collected at the Microsoft Accelerator and the confidence given by their impressive array of investors, altogether produce strong signals for potential.

Aner RavonNovember 18, 2015

Aner Ravon

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