So What’s The Deal with Blindspot?

Heard of Blindspot yet? It is an intriguing mobile app with the aim that the user can be anonymous. Launched by a group of entrepreneurs and backed by the most prestigious group of music producers, performers and DJs and promoted by a brother of a super model, Blindspot is all of a sudden getting a whole lot of attention. Care to make it even more interesting? The app was launched last week when a sudden billboard triggered a massive backlash. What happens next? That’s right, the app takes off. But wait, the reviews? Horrendous. Or good. Or both.

Love or hate it, Blindspot makes sure you will take notice. It will definitely trigger emotions and it seems that is exactly what they are going for.

So how do you make any rating sense of THAT? Can one really detach the personal sentiment from the objective ratings?

Companies like Shellannoo, producers of Music Messenger and Blindspot, are challenging to rate to say the least. They are not your standard company with your standard investors, your middle of the road funding scheme or predictable marketing strategy. In short, for algo-rating services like ourselves, they are smoke screened. Nevertheless, we reached out to our crowd experts and with the help of our unique Zirra Algo-rating engine have not only evaluated the company, but have also managed to grade their product portfolio, market, team, vision & execution. And we did it well.

Zirra algorithm & crowd rating algorithm results

ValuationProbability of CapitalizationFuture Exit ValueMaterialization Time
$72M28%$153M4 Years

Not bad at all, but not anywhere near the $250M claimed by other sources.

Some background: Shellanoo Group is a technology company that specializes in interactive mobile applications and Internet-related services. Up until now, they raised a bit over $30M from strategic investor Roman Abramovich as well as industry celebrities Will.I.Am, Avicii, David Guetta, Tiesto and various other big names.

So far Shellanoo launched a few projects, mainly their flagship product Music Messenger, a music streaming and music messaging service, Mr. (mister radio), a mobile radio streaming app, and now Blindspot, an anonymous Messaging service that was launched on top of an aggressive street campaign. Music Messenger and Mr have seen moderate success, though no one will blame you if you have never heard of either, but Blindspot has hit the eye of the storm big time, generating a tremendous controversial buzz as of late.

So why is Blindspot in the middle of such a press (shit) storm? According to Shellannoo, Blindspot is a new, anonymous messaging app that allows you to send one-on-one messages to your friends, your crush, or anyone on your contact list without them knowing itӳ you. The playful app lets you flirt, play pranks or tell secrets without revealing your identity until youӲe ready. Blindspot can also be used for shaming and according to the marketing campaign and user feedback this quality has not landed on a blind spot at all.

As a matter of fact, the Israeli Internet Association has advised users to avoid using the app and many users have shared disgusted messages on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The jury is definitely out on this one, but Blindspot is now off to a trending trajectory on the app stores which is equally offset by negative reviews. Surely all the negativity must means there’s something going on there after all. In the meantime, don’t let this get into your blind spot, you may end up getting pranked…or worse.

Aner RavonDecember 30, 2015

Aner Ravon

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