Update Your Companyӳ Zirra Profile: Get Exposed The Right Way To Investors, The Press, Partners, and Potential Employees

At Zirra, weӶe created unique insights on over 100,000 private companies across the world. To do this, we collate data from hundreds of public sources and formulate insights based on analyses of the data.

That said, our insights are only as strong as the data we are able to find. By filling in the gaps and correcting wrong information, you, the company itself, are able to calibrate these insights, benchmarks, and ratings. We wonӴ copy/paste the information you provide us, but we will incorporate facts we are able to verify into the profiles, which could lead to a stronger analyses and a stronger profile.

Why should I update my companyӳ Zirra profile?

  • Itӳ important to have a complete profile for those who use Zirra as a professional resource every day. Our website is used daily by investors browsing for interesting new opportunities, potential employees to gain insights before interviews, business development professionals, journalists and many others.

  • A stronger profile could help your company stand out from the crowd, which is crucial when curious investors, looking for investment opportunities, are browsing our site. With updated data, we are able to offer better and more accurate insights and a stronger overall profile.

  • It can be used as a direct tool for your company. Itӳ something you can show to investors, clients, current or incoming employees about an unbiased outsiderӳ perspective on the current status and trajectory of your company.

Long story short, itӳ in your companyӳ best interest to have an updated Zirra profile.

If that werenӴ enough, after you update your companyӳ Zirra profile, we will connect you with an expert in your field or industry who can give insights and opinions into your companyӳ place in the market, strategies for growth and improvement, and much more.

What are you waiting for? Click here and get started now.

How do I find my company’s profile on Zirra?

Once youӲe on the Zirra homepage, simply enter the name of your company into the search box in the center of the screen and click enter. This will take you a page which shows you the company you searched for among others. By clicking on the preview of the company profile, you will be taken to the main profile page for the company you selected.

Fill out the following form to update your company’s page:

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Aidan DuganJune 23, 2016

Aidan Dugan

Sociolinguist & phonologist. Former researcher of innovative military communication strategies & technologies. Passion for local & sustainable farming solutions.