Important Announcement: New Product

Zirra now offers investors the opportunity to purchase company consulted reports.

Sometimes, investors and competitors wish to remain discreet about a company they examine. As our standard full analysis reports are based on aggregated publicly available information, an unbiased expert network, and targeted ecosystem surveys, discretion is never an issue.

However, sometimes investors wish to include the company in the process and have the companyӳ own vision and insights integrated into the report. For these cases, we now offer a new process called ԣonsulted reports.Ԡ

When a customer asks for such a report, we will adhere to the following process:

  • Immediately contact the company and ask for a structured brief.
  • Send the report draft to the company for comments and feedback.
  • Incorporate the company’s comments and feedback into the report, as applicable.*

Company consulted reports will carry a stamp to indicate that the company in question was consulted during the report writing process. While our standard full analysis reports are provided in 3-7 business days, company consulted reports will require 2-3 extra business days. In either case, customer anonymity will never be compromised.

To order a basic, full, competitive analysis, or consulted report, please contact us at

See examples of our standard full analysis reports here.

*Information provided will never be copy/pasted, only verifiable factual insights will be integrated.

Aidan DuganJune 29, 2016

Aidan Dugan

Sociolinguist & phonologist. Former researcher of innovative military communication strategies & technologies. Passion for local & sustainable farming solutions.