An Investor, a Poet and a Scientist Walk into a Bar…

There are a number of reasons we find ourselves wanting and needing to know whatӳ going on in other companies on almost a daily basis. When we need to understand our job market, company position, or are even looking to change jobs or make an investment, we find ourselves scanning possibly very wide arrays of companies, using multiple parameters, trying to get the big picture.

Understanding companies in this way, and doing it quickly and efficiently, is an extremely difficult task. No matter how sharp we are, or how up to date we fancy ourselves, as mere mortals we can easily miss a thing or two. Miss the wrong data point and you could stand to lose a lot of money or even your job.

And thatӳ why the market has created tools. But after using them for more than 20 years, I can tell you personally that they leave much to be desired. So we took it upon ourselves and have labored for 2.5 years to transform this process for ourselves and the public. Therefore, we are excited to present you with our new baby, the Zirra Spotlight Report, a product of big data, artificial intelligence, deep analysis, and a poetic experiment with the English language.

When it comes to understanding a company and their market, there are three main components we need: facts, analysis and the context that brings them together. Facts are the foundation upon which solid analysis can take place, a process where the mind sorts the data for what’s relevant and then is able to draw lines, see relationships and understand causality. Without the best data, analysis will be flawed. And without proper analysis, without a context, data lacks meaning. Good analysis will be smart and, importantly, come from people we would trust for advice. Oh, and of course, ideally this should happen very quickly and consistently. So how did we build a tool that does just that?

Addressing these multiple folds in the process, we began with the foundational one – collecting up-to-date, comprehensive, relevant facts. We mapped over 80 data sources, from investment directions, review sites, media and even academic archives. We dedicated our best engineers to developing this ability so we could take care of this discovery process for you.

Analysis, however, is a much more involved process and here we had to combine, art, science and intimate understanding of our audience for both. First, we built the Zirra Engine, which benchmarks all of the collected data against a baseline of 1200 collected companies that have already completed their journey in their field. This allows us to compare every single data point that we find against real historical data, creating valuable predictors. This engine then produces what we call a company scorecard and highlights the most important factors, such as risks, opportunities and potential dilemmas. All of this is pure science.

And then comes the art. We wanted to bring the human level of expertise that could weigh up the data and analysis against their own extensive experience. Investors, executives, lawyers, accountants, developers, product managers are all a part of the network that weӶe built and theyӲe there to tell us not only their own insights, but to help us refine the process. By confirming where we are right and where we can improve our engine, they bring value to the the client in the reports, as well as to our company’s process. After adding this layer, we have seen our network grow to more than 450 vetted experts and seen the tangible results of their knowledge in our work.

After that, comes the poetry. About 30% of the Zirra team is comprised of what we refer to internally as ҷizardsҮ Our wizards take the data and the analysis and produce personal commentary that packages it all altogether to a simple, precise, summary, curated with oneӳ particular needs in mind. This way, a job seeker, an investor and a journalists will receive 3 different outputs even when we analyze the same company. Yes, it’s the same company, but they each have fundamentally different needs, creating new context each time.

And the beauty is that it works fast, especially thanks to our engineering. Because of this we can bring efficient, quality reports for every company in 24-48 hours, in a format that is both easy to understand and enjoyable. We invite you to search our directory of companies and try your first Spotlight report for free.


Here is a small glimpse at the fruit of our labour, followed by a snapshot of the personal commentary that you will receive straight in your inbox, crafted by your personal researcher.

Zirra Company Analysis

Personal Commentary

So yeah, when an investor, a poet and scientist walk into a bar, what comes out is no joke. In fact, we’re quite proud of our baby.

Aner RavonSeptember 26, 2016

Aner Ravon

A technologist with an economists eye for critical thinking. I love building shiny new things and asking tough philosophical questions. I am perfectly comfortable being uncomfortable.