10 Stories Companies Won’t Tell20161130164941

10 Stories Companies Won’t Tell

You know them, entrepreneurs. The spark in their eyes, the electricity in their minds. They are so devoted to their work, not just because they have b...
Zirra Spotlight on Feedvisor20161123134309

Zirra Spotlight on Feedvisor

Aner RavonNovember 23, 20160 comments
Feedvisor has developed a cloud-based repricing and revenue intelligence platform that combines big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to ...
Zirra Spotlight on Imonomy Interactive20161123121724

Zirra Spotlight on Imonomy Interactive

Aner RavonNovember 23, 20160 comments
Imonomy Interactive was founded in 2012, and is currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company provides an in-image advertising solution that helps ...
Zirra Spotlight on Perfecto Mobile20161123114206

Zirra Spotlight on Perfecto Mobile

Aner RavonNovember 23, 20160 comments
Perfecto Mobile provides their cloud-based “Continuous Quality Lab” which takes apps in development by other companies and runs intensive ...