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Slidely is a media-based social platform providing users with a suite of inter connected applications to create, share, and discover visual collections. The company’s mobile apps for iOS and Android enable users to share their images and music in creative and emotional ways. The platform’s built-in social network allows users to publicly display their memorable creations through many categories and collections. Slidely aims to become the next generation self-expression platform. It has been featured many times on sites such as Venture Beat, Mashable, TechCrunch, Yahoo, and The Next Web.

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Business & Marketing Strategy: In the last 12 months, the website has attracted 864,159 visits. In the last six months, the website has received 73,135 visits, this compared to the month prior (70,892 visits), indicates web traffic is seeing a small MoM increase. Their social media following is impressive, their Facebook page has over 2.4 million likes and their Twitter page has over 200,000 likes. The Slidely app on Google Play has been downloaded between 100,000 – 500,000 times.

Competitive Position: The market for social apps focused on photography and visual content is dominated by apps like Instagram, Flipagram, Snapchat (which recently announced plans for an IPO in Q1 2017), and Pinterest. Based on download numbers, we see that Slidely is not in a leading position and may find it difficult to get there if they do not come up with some sort of differentiating factor. Flipagram would most likely be the closest competitor and they have more funding, more downloads, and more name recognition in the space. It is difficult to ascertain what the management team of Slidely plans to do in the near future and if they are looking for an exit through one of the bigger visual content companies like an Instagram or Flipagram.

Founder & Executive Profiles: According to LinkedIn, Tom More, Co-Founder and CEO founded Eyespell, which appears to be the name that Tom freelanced under. He provided consulting and development of UI/UX and data driven architecture to brands, interactive agencies and advertising agencies. Tom describes himself as a multi-instrumentalist, professional musician & avid photographerҬ while he lists skills including product development, art & graphic design, coding, SEO and online marketing. There is very little online information regarding Tom, suggesting he may not take on the role of spokesperson for the company. David Davidov is CPO and has worked for Slidely for just over two years, previous to this, he held numerous Product Manager positions at companies such as Conduit, Omek Interactive, and Waves Audio.

Professional & Customer Reviews: Slidely has scored an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Google Play. Users have noted that there are issues with the technology, for example the app can pause while users attempt to save the content. This suggests that the app still has some bugs which need to be fixed. More positively, users seem to like the app, with some users calling it amazing, perfection, and a great app. The scoring suggests that overall users are happy with the app and are enjoy using it, this is also demonstrated by the high number of installs.

Inside Scoops: Based on Slidely’s download numbers on Google Play, we assume that the company currently has between 10,000 and 50,000 daily active users. There are no download numbers for iTunes, but if we assume the same number of total downloads on iTunes, then there is a much broader range, 20,000-100,000 of assumed DAU. The company claims 100 million users share on Slidely, but that number is nowhere close to the published download numbers on Google Play, unless iTunes users have adopted Slidely at an astounding rate.

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