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Leadspace, formerly called Data Essence, is based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. The company is a B2B data management, predictive analytics solution and account based marketing tool. Leadspace helps their clients optimise their marketing and sales initiatives and fill the sales funnel with high-quality leads that convert and engage the right decision makers.

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Business & Marketing Strategy: In the last 12 months, the website has received 220,990 visits. In the last 6 months, the site generated an average of 17,808 visits per month. In the 6 months before this, the website experienced an average of 19,024 visits per month. This indicates a slight MoM decline. Leadspaceӳ social channels donӴ have a huge following, with the combined Facebook and Twitter community being less than 2,000 followers/likes.

Competitive Position: Leadspace has a number of competitors in their respective space. Direct competitors include Mintigo, 6sense and Lattice Engines. Mintigo has raised $34 million in funding. The company offers a predictive marketing platform for businesses to identify, complete and retain sales opportunities through insight based customer engagement. 6sense has raised $36 million in funding. Similarly to the other companies, their customers consist of marketing and sales teams within businesses. They provide a predictive intelligence platform. Lattice Engines was founded in 2006 and has raised $64.7 million in funding which is significantly more than Leadspace. The company predicts who will buy, what they are likely to buy and at what time. Clients include Hootsuite, Dell and PayPal. An indirect competitor is EverString, which has raised $78.7 in funding. The company uses its predictive marketing and predictive sales software-as-a-service (SaaS) to drive growth and sales. Demandbase is another indirect competitor, and since its founding in 2007 has raised $93 million and has acquired two other companies – Spiderbook and Whotoo. The company uses patented technology to identify potential customers and deliver personalized communication to drive sales. It easily connects into existing technologies including CRM, CMS, and marketing automation, analytics, as well as other systems.

Market Forecast & Exit Indicators: Everstring and Forrester Consulting, commissioned the report ѓHow Predictive Marketing Analytics Boost B2B Performance,Ԡand interviewed 150 marketing leaders across a broad base of industries, with the requirement of at least 5,000 active leads in their B2B databases. The report found that 89% of marketers have predictive analytics on their roadmap for 2016. Also, 49% of marketers are using predictive analytics today and 40% plan to implement analytics in the next 12 months. Predictive Marketers are 2.9x more likely to experience revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average. There is no mention of an exit for Leadspace in recent press.

Professional & Customer Reviews: The company has a number of case studies on the website and testimonials from clients. Microsoft has said Ҍeadspace is really pushing the envelope regarding advanced predictive scoring and real time enrichment leads.ҠThe Head of Marketing at Bloomreach has commented on Leadspace, saying ҳince becoming a Leadspace customer nearly three years, weӶe sourced almost 80% of the leads that later turn into pipeline directly from Leadspace.ҠAccording to G2 Crowd, which is a software reviewing platform, the company has received 30 reviews and has scored 4.1 stars out of 5, however it should be mentioned that G2 Crowd is a client of Leadspace.

Inside Scoops: Both the Co-Founders were former intelligence officers in the 8200 unit in the IDF and were experts in semantic analysis and web mining technologies. There are press articles detailing how difficult it is to be recruited to this unit with its selection process being compared to an Ivy League university. In addition, it is said 8200 is a hot bed for tech, with its alumni going on to create world renowned start ups. Doug Bewsher, CEO was previously the CMO at Salesforce and Skype.

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