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Perfecto Mobile provides their cloud-based “Continuous Quality Lab” which takes apps in development by other companies and runs intensive tests on a range of devices worldwide with the goal of helping companies fix bugs and improve user experience before launching. By testing a large number of devices in different data centers simultaneously, and around the clock, the entire testing process can be cut down into much less time, allowing for faster releases to market of polished apps. In addition to automated testing, Perfecto Mobile offers manual testing, in which customers use interactive software to remotely control real mobile devices connected to various networks around the globe for testing.

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Business & Marketing Strategy: Perfecto’s business strategy seems to be attracting large enterprise level clients such as GE, Virgin Media, and Rabobank, among more than 1500 others, and charge those companies either a monthly or annual subscription fee for their testing services. An 2015 article from Globes said that Perfecto already has “tens of millions of annual revenue but is not yet profitable.” It is difficult to say where Perfecto prioritizes marketing in their overall strategy, but the company will be attending AndroidDevCon 2016 at the end of November. The conference is a technical conference for professional software developers and engineers developing for the Android platform.

Competitive Position: Perfecto Mobile is in a crowded market with many companies such as BlazeMeter, Sauce Labs, and Keynote Systems. BlazeMeter, which was recently acquired by CA Technologies for $100M reportedly, has around 50 employees currently, and had raised $9.7M before the acquisition. BlazeMeter boasts some pretty impressive clients with the likes of NBC, Pfizer, Walmart, and Atlassian among others. Sauce Labs, currently has around 150 employees and $31M in funding, lists Google, Salesforce, Twitter, and PayPal as featured clients. Lastly, Keynote Systems went public (NASDAQ:KEYN) in 1999 and was acquired in 2013 by Thoma Bravo. Keynote currently lists 175 employees. From these numbers it is difficult to know which of these companies is currently in the leading position in the market.

Market Forecast & Exit Indicators: The global mobile application testing solution market, in terms of revenue, is estimated to surpass $2 billion by the end of 2016, and is expected to grow at a rate of roughly 20% each year through 2026 to roughly $13 billion. The growth is expected to be attributable to the surge in demand from commercial and corporate sectors. Some analysts expect the biggest growth sector to be in North America followed by the Asia-Pacific region. The biggest enterprise companies in the space are CA Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. These two companies represent potential exit opportunities for Perfecto, if that is the path the management team is looking for. A potential IPO could be possible, but currently there is no news or inside scoops about an IPO happening in the near future.

Professional & Customer Reviews: There are many customer reviews on Perfecto’s website that are glowing. The Head of Mobile Operations at Thompson Reuters says, “”Perfecto’s tools and support are an important parts of our mobile quality arsenal, helping us to deliver a superior user experience to our customers.” More over, the Test Automation Manager at Paychex says, “”Device management was a huge benefit of the solution. We want to test on the actual devices customers are using. We are simply unwilling to put customers at risk. Adding devices through Perfecto Mobile was more efficient than acquiring them internally.” A professional review from TechTarget said Perfecto Mobile, “has a native UI based on a proprietary TCL-based programming language. This approach lets testers who are not programmers select behaviors from a simple, no-coding development environment and write expected results in simple English.” The majority of the reviews praise the ease of use and support, and thats seems to be what customers are craving from this type of solution.

Inside Scoops: The Mobile Technology Evangelist at Perfecto Mobile, Eran Kinsbruner, says that, “…many mobile devices can run Android software, it is often more complex to test across multiple devices than it is when testing for Apple products.” Additionally, Perfecto Mobile has experienced an 85% growth in employee base, growing from 164 employees in November 2014 to 304 employees at present. The sales team has gone from 17% of the total employee base to 23%, which is the most dramatic increase or decrease out of any team. Since November 2014, there have been 215 new hires, but only 4 new hires in senior management.

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