Zirra Spotlight On Vroom20170103171643

Zirra Spotlight On Vroom

Vroom is an online used car shop that includes all three aspects of the car buying process. Vroom incorporates buying, financing, and selling cars int...
Zirra Spotlight On Bread Finance20170103151217

Zirra Spotlight On Bread Finance

Bread is a company seeking to create a new credit option for consumers. Partnering with sellers, Bread provides in-purchase financing options, allowin...
Zirra Spotlight On Lattice Engines20170103133213

Zirra Spotlight On Lattice Engines

Lattice Engines provides SaaS based predictive solutions for marketing and sales to give full knowledge of their clients end customers. Lattice helps ...
Zirra Trivia: 2016 Biggest Tech Moments20170101200843