Prof Dan Galai Joins Zirra

Zirra is honored and excited to announce our newest member of the board of directors, Professor Dan Galai. Galai is a Professor of finance and banking, and the former Dean of the School of Management at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is one of the earliest investors in Zirra, a startup that has developed AI and machine learning technology to analyze the private tech market.

Prof Galai is an international expert in risk management, financial engineering and derivatives. He devised and developed the VIX Index, often referred to as the fear index or the fear gauge.

Galai also serves as co-founder and chairman of Sigma, an investment banking company. Sigma is well known both for its success in portfolio management and for its incubation of start-up companies. In 2015 Sigma was sold to the private banking firm Andbank.

Before founding Sigma, Prof. Galai served as a consultant to the Bank of Israel, Bank Hapoalim, Mizrachi Bank and many other companies and institutions. He is a recipient of the Pomeranze Prize of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) for excellence in research on options. Among the numerous papers he has authored are Risk Management (McGraw-Hill, 2000), The Business Plan Process (Matar, 2003), and The Essentials of Risk Management (McGraw-Hill, 2005).

Prof Galai joined the Zirra team to support the effort of providing advanced analysis capabilities and bringing more transparency to the private tech industry. Zirra leverages its technology to provide insights on start-up companies, in the form of reports. Zirra’s analysis is performed by using aggregated data and proprietary AI-based analysis of as many as 80 parameters, such as quality of the team, media momentum, or gaps between financial rounds. The AI technology is then matched and calibrated with qualitative insights taken from our network of experts, who also provide us with inside information about the market.

Assaf Gilad

An ex-journalist from Calcalist, a leading business and tech news outlet in Israel, I'm now writing about startups for