Zirra Opens Its Startup Insights Report Database for The Public

Zirra, a startup that has developed AI and machine learning technology to analyze the private tech market, is opening its company database to the public, which includes a collection of data and insights on startups, free of charge.

Search for any company

You will now be able to search for any company – public or private – and immediately get a Zirra Automatic Memo. These reports will be automatically generated using our proprietary tech to create a report at the touch of a button.

Zirra’s Memos are not just data sliced, diced and repackaged. They provide the essence of Pitchbook and CB Insights, for every company, immediately and for free. They include a unique NLP-based similarity mapping engine that, using hundreds of thousands of news articles, automatically identifies companies written about in a similar way. Other proprietary algorithms scan the media to spot meaningful events in the company’s history. The automatic report also includes web and mobile traffic analysis, HR open positions, general company information, key team members, their email and social links, and patent and trademark scanning.

Our information is extracted from 85 different public data sources from which we are able to derive in-depth and meaningful insights. This is a learning system that quickly improves as it’s used.

At Zirra, we don’t believe that you should have to pay for information that can be aggregated from the internet. We’re happy to give this information for free. Instead, we think our customers should only have to pay for analysis. While the Spotlight Reports are free, Zirra’s premium products are still available: Company Analysis Reports for $99, Due Diligence Reports for $2,000-$5,000, and Expert Matching for $500-$2,000.

Zirra was founded in 2014 by Moshit Yaffe (CEO) and Aner Ravon (CPO) and it currently serves several dozens of VCs and private investors from Israel and the United States.

The company joined Nautilus, AOL’s startup platform in Tel Aviv, and employs around 20 people focused on R&D, analysis, and business development. Zirra has raised $2.5M from investors such as former Microsoft execs Moshe Lichtman and Soma Somasegar, AOL and Professor Dan Galai.

We encourage you to use our website to begin your research while investigating companies. Check out the free immediate automatic memo now by searching for a company on our homepage.

Assaf Gilad

An ex-journalist from Calcalist, a leading business and tech news outlet in Israel, I'm now writing about startups for Zirra.com.