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Reading startup news provides you with information about deals, financial rounds, M&A acquisitions, and IPOs, however, we understand how important it is to dive deeper into the companies behind this events. Here are some of the best companies that have recently made it to the news, accompanied by a Zirra Premium Insight analysis on each of them.


Delivery management platform Bringg raises $10 million from Aleph to help any business take on Amazon: Bringg lets smaller businesses improve their delivery system and infrastructure, and gives them access to some capabilities more often seen only in large enterprises like Amazon and Uber. The service enables customers to track incoming deliveries and also allows businesses to get scheduling and delivery feedback from their customers in real-time. Read here for Zirra’s Premium Insights report on Bringg


Algorithmic commerce platform Feedvisor raises $20 million from General Catalyst: Feedvisor has developed a cloud-based repricing and revenue intelligence platform that combines big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to power millions of pricing decisions daily. Feedvisor solutions allow online retailers to automatically keep their prices competitive and provides them with actionable insights that lead to maximized profitability and drive business growth. Read here for Zirra’s Premium Insights report on Feedvisor

Trax Image Recognition

Singapore image recognition player Trax raises $19.5m in round led by Investec Bank: Trax’s technology allows the customer to capture images of the current retail situation in stores and, through deep analytics in Trax’s cloud, insights and reports are delivered to management teams for the purposes of optimizing stocking cycles and tracking products and promotions. Trax also provides products for the consumer as well. Trax Smart Shopper allows consumers to track and find desired products in real-time, and will also suggest alternatives for specified products. Read here for Zirra’s Premium Insights report on Trax Image Recognition


Samanage raises $20m and makes enterprise play with new Salesforce integration: Samanage provides multi-tenant cloud solutions for enterprise service management. Samanage’s SaaS solution combines desk and asset management, and features over 200 integrated applications including LogMeIn, a subscription-based remote management solution, Jira, is a project management platform and is Android compatible. Users can track and tag their IT infrastructure and assets while simultaneously assisting their customers, as well as monitor changes in real time. Read here for Zirra’s Premium Insights report on Samanage.

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