Zirra’s Experts Conclude 2017 with Significant Donations to Charitable Organizations Worldwide.

Zirra’s expert network is concluding the year with significant donations to charitable organizations dealing with environmental issues, women’s rights, and disease research.

Philanthropy has always been a corporate practice; in recent years the number of startups caring about corporate social responsibility has grown and according to Charity Navigator, in 2016 an estimated $390B was given to charitable causes, marking the third year in a row that total giving has reached record levels.

Zirra is a technology company focusing on company analysis using Artificial Intelligence. Zirra utilizes the latest techniques in NLP to collect and process huge volumes of unstructured text, to detect companies and their semantic context, and to model their interrelationships. As a part of informing our analyses, we incorporate crowd sentiment surveys and opinions from experts in the industry.

Depending on the industry, Zirra scouts experts to share their opinions about a wide range of private companies. Experts are given the option to remain anonymous, or they can go on the record and potentially be contacted to answer further questions. Zirra offers experts the option to be directly compensated or to donate their compensation to a charity of their choosing. This year, experts contributions ranged between $100 and $2,000 for their help curating Zirra’s due diligence reports with their knowledge on the industry and market.

Thus far in 2017, a significant portion of our experts network have taken our offer and decided to donate their compensation to charities and nonprofit organizations such as the Haifa Women’s Crisis Shelter, Oceana, Sick Children’s Trust, The Israel Cancer Association, The Good Traveler, and more.

As our company grows, our expert network and opportunity to reach more charities is also growing. Zirra offers their experts the opportunity to donate to a charity of their choosing or to a nonprofit organization such as The Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Cancer Research Fund International, Girls Who Code, Prize4Life, Save the Children, Room to Read, ShelterBox, Orbis International, and Best Friends