The SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup 100: Presented by the London Stock Exchange ELITE, the Startup Europe Partnership, and Zirra

Zirra is teaming up with the London Stock Exchange’s ELITE program, run by Luca Peyrano, and the Startup Europe Partnership and Mind the Bridge, led by Alberto Onetti, to present the SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup 100. We worked to rank Europe’s top tech scaleups by funds raised, company growth, sentiment analysis, competitive position, and other parameters. 

Zirra worked with SEP to deliver an algorithm that weighs quantitative data – how much a company has raised – alongside qualitative data like employee growth, sentiment analysis, competitive position, and other parameters.

Presenting the SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup 100 in London
Zirra Director of Product Marketing Rachel Schonwald, head of ELITE UK & International Umerah Akram, and Mind the Bridge Chairman Alberto Onetti presenting the SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup 100 in London

Every company leaves fingerprints behind – traces of their activity, legal filings, employee info, web traffic, and other open-source data. Zirra’s AI and analysts pulled this information from millions of these data points to calculate company success. Certain factors, like employee growth over time, acquisitions, and total funding signal stability. Others, like competitive position, sentiment analysis, and web traffic growth, can indicate future and continued success. The algorithm, developed by Zirra, integrates SEP’s funding information with Zirra’s AI-culled fingerprints.  

“Beyond just the facts, Zirra identifies insights, signals, relationships and trends,” Zirra CRO, co-founder, and fearless leader Aner Ravon says. “The SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup index presented here is created using scoring built from some of the signals that Zirra continuously tracks on all companies in our database. Future plans include utilizing Recurrent Neural Networks for processing, analysis and scoring. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute with our technology to support the European scaleup ecosystem.”

Together, we’re making sense of Europe’s top 100 scaleups, from AI to big data to fintech to media. Wanna know how Spotify, Deezer, and SoundCloud compete? How about Trivago and SkyScanner? You can check it out here.