Meet the Automatic Memo: Company Analysis Made Easy

We’re making company analysis smarter, faster, and easier. We’re excited to introduce our newest AI-based tool – the Automatic Memo.

Here are some things that take more than two minutes:

  • Getting more than two people to decide on pizza toppings
  • Tying a perfect Windsor knot
  • Realizing that the guy who’s been pitching you his startup does not actually understand blockchain technology

Here is a thing that takes less than two minutes:

  • Collecting company fingerprints and insights you need –  for any company. For free.

Zirra is proud to present its latest AI achievement: the Automatic Memo.

In the time it takes to sneeze a few times, you can search a companyand  get all the data you need to put its story together.

No more manual data collection. Hooray!

It delivers AI-generated summaries and key facts, events, IP and trademarks, relevant competitors, funding rounds and investors, news, and more. A company’s history and data at your fingertips.

How the Automatic Memo works

Our system reads thousands of structured and unstructured data sources, pulling the “fingerprints” that companies leave throughout the internet. It organizes the information in an understandable and easy-to-read format for us humans, and presents it nicely in this here memo.

Zirra Auto Memo ExampleAuto Memo TeamBut our proprietary AI goes farther than just sharing snippets from around the web – it does the calculations, too.

The competitor chart, for instance, weighs companies on their similarity to the target company in filling a particular market niche.  

Auto Memo Competitors Chart

Want to try it for yourself? Search for a company to start!

Zirra Analysis to Meet Every Need

Just search any company from the Zirra website. The Automatic Memo will start generating, and, again, it’ll take under two minutes. Scroll down to see it all. If the company you’re looking for doesn’t have a page yet, the system will start crawling the web to find the information it needs, and it’ll update you when it’s done.

If you want to get weekly updates on a company via Zirra Alerts, you can subscribe right through its Automatic Memo page. It’s fast, free, and easy.  

Zirra Alerts Example

It’s a helpful resource for a quick snapshot of a company, its history, and its trajectory. But the Automatic Memo can form the foundation for an in-depth company analysis, and its insights provide a helpful background for further research.

Is web traffic dropping off?

Are a company’s competitors crowding the niche?

Are key officers leaving in droves?

The Automatic Memo’s user-friendly format helps you find the patterns you need to make the big decisions.

Ready to try your first Automatic Memo now? No email required. Search below!

Company Search Bar

If you want to take an even deeper dive into a company or market you can do that, too. Check out our Zirra Analysis, Due Diligence, or Market Analysis Report from our website.