Angel Investors Need Zirra Analysis, Too

The Angel Investor Dilemma:

Angel investors don’t have the powerhouse of analysts that a large fund has, but they still need to invest wisely and handcraft their own portfolios – which means they need insights.

Investment research is time-consuming and tedious, and for someone who already has a full-time job, it can be overwhelming.

One Angel investor came to Zirra. Not only did he need data, he needed a way to understand the data of these mostly early-stage companies, which can be hard to come by.


The Solution:

Zirra Analysis reports helped this investor sift through his dozens of potential investments. To date, he’s utilized Zirra’s insights in over 50 investment decisions.

Zirra Analyses are usually ordered no more than a day before the funding round closes, allowing him to make quick decisions without missing key details. He credits the data, algorithm, and ratings that go into these reports with helping him understand the true potential of an opportunity.

I love building my Zirra library of relative valuations and being able to benchmark prior investments against current considerations, and for future rounds of investments previously made.  Zirra’s predictions have panned out on high profile pre-IPO or pre-public companies that have gone public quite accurately.”

Ayelet PenrodNovember 1, 2018