Hedge Fund Seeking Opportunities – When Millions Are On The Line

The problem:

A hedge fund worth $16 billion needed to provide its clients with data on a major investment opportunity. The popular e-cigarette company Juul is raising $1.2 billion, with its current valuation estimated at $15 billion.

While public companies have to publish their forms and files by law, private companies don’t operate with the same transparency – especially when it comes to their financials and share prices.

Investors need to know if their ongoing investments, especially ones worth millions, are going to stay profitable.


Zirra was able to track down Juul’s “company fingerprints” – the data the company left scattered around the web and in databases.

Beyond the data available in the press, Zirra was able to uncover the facts that the company was keeping to itself, like information from shareholders’ SEC filings, and undisclosed investors. We analyzed it to provide the hedge fund with insights to inform their big decisions.

They were thrilled to get it – Zirra’s AI and researchers were able to get them what their in-house analyst team couldn’t, and all within the 24-hour deadline for decision-making.