Helping WeWork Labs Understand the Hundreds of Companies Under Their Wing

WeWork Labs’s Problem:

WeWork Labs is a startup incubator. WeWork provides mentorship, education, and support services to member companies at WeWork locations around the world.

WeWork had hundreds of early stage companies in their program, and needed a tool that would thoroughly analyze each one and its potential.

The problem was two-fold.

  • First, early stage companies often have few company fingerprints available.
  • Second, WeWork needed its analysis to come from the perspective of mentor or coach, rather than an investor.

The Zirra Solution:  

Zirra was able to take the current bundle of companies and calibrate their solution to pull as much data on the companies as possible, with WeWork Labs’ unique needs in mind.

As new startups are on-boarding constantly, Zirra is able to immediately generate the reports on the companies they need, and deliver them quickly.  Zirra ensures that WeWork mentors and employees have the essential information in hand to help guide these young companies.

Osnat Benari, WeWork Labs VPI LOVE Zirra and find it very helpful in saving me research time.
I can’t wait to see it get better and better.

– Osnat Benari, VP WeWork Labs