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Company analysis and research tools from Zirra to help you with your company analysis needs.

Get free access to tools for company alerts, templates, FAQs, and more. We’re adding to our collection so be sure and check back from time to time.

Company Alerts

Easily subscribe to any company to get notifications when there are changes to leadership, funding rounds, legal issues and more. A free Desk Basic account is required and takes only a few seconds.

Search A Company

Automatically generate a company memo and then choose the pencil icon to edit.  Craft a unique report according to your own needs via the Desk editor.

Create & Edit Your Own Company Memo

Use Zirra’s AI & company database with over 5M+ companies to automatically generate insights on a company of interest. Then using the report as a template, make it your own through using the unique Desk Editor tools.

Free Templates for Company Analysis & Research

Competitive QuickView Chart – Gives a bird’s eye view of your focus company next to its top competition. Template includes formulas for some sections and is downloadable from Google Sheets.
Example of Competitive Analysis


Learn new tools and tips that we utilize in our own company research and analysis for the Research Services we provide to clients.

Use Cases

See how clients such as WeWork Labs, Hedge Funds & Angel Investors utilize Zirra Tools & Services to optimize their own company analysis needs.

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Research Services

As a Zirra Desk subscriber (whether Free or Paid) we offer our members access to research services akin to having a research team on-demand. Available for purchase are a range of reports at reasonable pricing to help you go deeper into a company, saving you time and resources.


Read our latest announcements, views on trending companies, leadership musings and more.

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FAQs for Zirra Desk

Answers to common questions on our newest product, Zirra Desk

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Tutorials for Zirra Desk

Simple how-to explanations for help using the Desk Editor to create and edit your own company memo.