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Q: Where does Zirra’s data come from?

A: Zirra’s AI pulls from publicly available information from a variety of open sources, databases, and crowd sourced wisdom from Users on its platform.


Q: How can I edit an Automatic Memo?

A: To access the Editor for a Zirra Automatic Memo, you must first create an account for either Desk Basic or Desk Pro.

Once created, open the automatic memo and click on the orange & white pencil icon to activate the edit mode. From there, edit each section via the ‘Edit’ toggle in the top right of each report section.


Q: Can I edit reports I’ve already ordered from Zirra in the past (or even future reports I plan to order)?

A: Yes! With either Desk subscription, you will have access to all your Zirra reports which allows you to activate edit mode to begin revising as you need.

Desk Basic Users: First, Users will need to duplicate the ordered report and then may edit as a regular Memo (i.e.- the original ordered report will remain confidential, but the duplicated report with edits will be available as crowd wisdom contributing to the Zirra AI database).

Desk Pro Users: Users may edit the ordered report as is, and the revised data will remain confidential to the Desk Pro account.


Q: What features & benefits do I get when subscribing to Desk Pro?

A: Desk Pro ensures that any company data uploaded to the Desk platform will remain exclusive to the User’s account and will not be added as crowd wisdom to the AI database.

Additionally, Desk Pro Users may create an unlimited number of reports per month, receive substantial discounts on any extra Research Add-on services, and will have access to upcoming features such as Template Library. See Pricing.


Q: For Desk Pro, when it says “Research won’t be shared with the Zirra database” what does that mean exactly?

A: The free Desk Basic subscription acts as a crowd wisdom platform. Any information Users upload to the editor will be vetted by our Zirra Research Team for accuracy and then added to the Zirra AI database to help the AI learning improve its information.

A Desk Pro subscription means that any data added via the Desk Editor will remain exclusive to the User’s account to be used at his/her discretion and the data  will not be added to the Zirra AI database.


Q: What does it mean I can ‘Share My Work’? 

A: Completed reports by you may be easily shared via a URL link or PDF so you can quickly send information to any collaborators who need it.


Q: What will happen to the information I entered as Desk Pro if I convert to Desk Basic?

A: If you downgrade from Pro to Basic, you maintain access to any memos previously created, however, you will no longer be able to edit those memos directly.

Note: All confidential memos created in Desk Pro will become locked for editing which means information you entered during your Desk Pro subscription will remain exclusive to your account but, again, may no longer be edited directly.


Q: What does it mean to have a company Memo ‘Confidential’?

A:  Memos created via Desk Basic account contribute any new data as crowd wisdom to the Zirra AI database.

Desk Pro users have the option to either contribute their data as crowd wisdom OR keep their data confidential, and only available via their confidential Memo.

When a new memo is created, Pro Users will need to set the Confidential status before editing a new memo. This action cannot be undone.


Payments, Subscriptions & Cancellations

Q: How much does Desk Pro cost?

A: Currently, Zirra is offering a Launch Special – any new account created during the Launch, regardless if Basic or Pro, will receive Desk Pro FREE as a trial period through March 31, 2019. After the Launch Special ends, a Desk Pro subscription will cost Users $99/month.

Users must opt-in for the paid features once the Launch Special has ended or the account will revert to the free Desk Basic.


Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: All major credit cards.


Q: Do I need to enter my credit card to sign up for a free Desk Basic account?

A: No. Only an email is necessary to get started with a free Desk Basic account.


Q: What is a Desk Basic subscription?

A: Desk Basic is a free subscription that gives full access to the Zirra AI-generated reports and report editor.

As a free subscription, any information entered via the Desk platform will be contributed as public crowd wisdom and the information will be vetted and added to the AI database.

If you wish for information that you add to the platform to remain exclusive to your account, you will need to upgrade to a Desk Pro subscription.

Note: All Users currently have a complimentary Desk Pro subscription if they sign up during our Launch Special to use as a free trial that is valid now through March 31, 2019. After this date, Users will need to select Desk Pro for a paid subscription.


Q: How long is my free Desk Basic account good for? Is it a limited-time trial?

A: Your free Desk Basic account is free to use as is, with no limited-time trial!

*Note: As a Launch Special, currently any Desk subscription automatically upgrades for FREE to Desk Pro as a limited-time trial of the Pro version. The Pro trial will be valid now through March 31, 2019. After which, all accounts will revert to Desk Basic unless the Users chooses to upgrade to a paid Desk Pro account. (No credit card information is required for this complimentary Pro trial and you will not be charged after March 31, 2019, unless you opt to upgrade to Desk Pro after the trial period expires.)


Q: Can I upgrade my account at any time from Desk Basic to Desk Pro?

A: Yes! You may upgrade to a paid Desk Pro any time after March 31, 2019.


Q: For Research Add-Ons, is that price added to my monthly Desk Pro subscription?

A: The pricing for any research service (aka Research Add-Ons) is based per report and the cost is in addition to the monthly billing. Any Add-Ons purchased will not affect the monthly recurring charge for Desk Pro accounts.

For example, as a Desk Pro User you pay a recurring monthly charge of $99 (after March 31, 2019). Anytime you would like to order a Research Add-On, you will be charged a one-time fee for that particular service (but at a discounted price). Your monthly payment stays at $99 and you pay only for the Add-On you ordered for any given time.

For details on the various Research Add-Ons, please click here.


Q: Can I downgrade from Desk Pro to Desk Basic?

A: You may downgrade at any time. At the end of the current billing cycle, your paid Desk Pro plan will be converted to a free Desk Basic account. You will not lose access to any reports created prior to the downgrade.

For more details see section: “What will happen to information I entered as Desk Pro User if I convert to Desk Basic?” above.



Q: If I am a free Desk Basic User, will my private, personal data such as name, address, email, etc., be shared with the Zirra database?

A: Absolutely not. Zirra respects its customers’ privacy and your information stays secure in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The only information shared with the Zirra AI database pertains to data about a company that is added via the Desk platform.

Free Users (Desk Basic) contribute to Zirra’s AI company database when they input information into a Memo via the Desk platform, helping researchers like themselves keep company information transparent.

That’s all that’s shared – the info you type into a company memo about that particular company – never ‘Personally Identifying Information’.

If Users want to keep information in their memos confidential, they may upgrade to Desk Pro for $99/month.


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Ayelet PenrodDecember 12, 2018