Saving Time On Company Analysis

Clock’s ticking, the weekend is nearing and you’ve still got that company analysis hanging out on your desk waiting to be finished?

Put it on our Desk.

Save time on company analysis and research with a new workflow tool: Zirra Desk.

Zirra Desk can help you not only generate company data from across the web quickly but also easily format it into an attractive, visual format so you can get your job done faster.

In other words, search once on a company and our AI will find it all for you: funding rounds, team info, company events/news, web traffic and more – saving you multiple Google queries and time.

What does the ‘attractive, visual format’ look like, you ask? Something like this:

Zirra Memo Sample

And did we mention the AI platform also automatically categorizes the info generated for you, saving you time on manually organizing the data? That’s making AI work for you.

We also know you have different focuses for different reports. The Zirra Desk’s edit mode allows you to add, hide, or delete sections as you need to make the report reflect what you want to communicate most.

What else does it let you do?

Well we’re so glad you asked. You can:

  • Upload other files, including media, to keep all your supporting documentation in one location
  • Reorder sections
  • Add/Delete sections
  • Include images
  • Enable sharing
  • Subscribe to company alerts for future events
  • Access previously created or purchased Zirra Memos
  • Utilize templates to reduce formatting and increase productivity [ok, this feature is coming soon!]

That’s all well and good, you say, but what’s the price tag?

Zirra Desk is a freemium product with 3 simple plans: Free, Pro & Business.

Freemium users join our community of crowd wisdom. It is great for one-offs every now and then, or if you’re a student doing a company report.

As a free user any data uploaded via the Desk editor will be vetted and added to the Zirra AI database of companies to help improve the machine learning and quality of information it provides – it’s a win/win!

Desk Pro users enjoy added member benefits and discounts at $149/month, among which includes keeping all company edits confidential and exclusive to the member’s account – nothing will be contributed to the AI crowd wisdom.

Not to mention our monthly subscription requires no long-term commitment – pay when you need it most.

Business is for organizations for $199/month and enjoys all the benefits of Pro plus providing multiple licenses and enjoys full access support with the option to white-label reports to brand them with your own logo and company motto.

BUT since we just launched, and we’re not perfect (yet)…

For a limited time, we’re making Zirra Desk Pro available, for FREE, for a trial period now through March 31, 2019, to anyone who signs up now.

Sign up today and give it a try! (No credit card needed)