Evening Events? Not my Thing

By Moshit Yaffe, Zirra Co-Founder & CEO

During my evenings, if there’s no other drama, I prefer to be home and prepare myself for the coming day.

My life is full, thankfully. And luckily, I have a family and plenty of friends. I’m also a founder of a young company, which means I work super hard and do my best to make all ends meet successfully.

Developing your company means you look forward to meeting as many people as possible. But guess what? I turn down evening networking events. By principle.

Let’s be honest for a second. How many people did you meet in these events that had a profound impact on your life or business? If you can quickly remember them, you can stop reading right here.

But, if like me, if your key relationships came about completely differently, whether its childhood friends, life partners or incidental bumps that became your closest allies, consider making a seemingly unpopular decision.

Avoid evening events. Or at least the ones you can.

No, I’m not talking about the ones you must attend. Customer dinners, collecting awards, greeting important guests, being nice to international colleagues. These? You do.

But the other events – the random meetups, toasts, hearing a success story first hand, meeting other founders for drinks and finger food – these you can afford to miss.

Turning down evening events may feel uncomfortable at first. Be honest and make no excuses. You have no idea how much respect you’ll get by simply saying “I choose events in the evening over other priorities only if I have to”.

And if productivity is your thing, invest your evenings differently.

Get out with your friends. Exercise. Skip the unnecessary alcohol. Spend time with your closest relationships. Watch your relaxing show. Do whatever works for you.

Then wake up early and get a head start on the coming day.

It may not work for everyone. It’s a difficult plan to stick to in a male dominated industry, but it’s worth it.

— This article first appeared on Medium.com