Stop Insulting My Artificial Intelligence. Please.20181108133702

Stop Insulting My Artificial Intelligence. Please.

Aner RavonNovember 8, 20180 comments
It seems like every company is doing something with Artificial Intelligence these days, right? Wrong. A lot of companies are using the term AI to get ...
Why is “Lemonade” a big effing deal?20181108101734

Why is “Lemonade” a big effing deal?

This article was updated Jan 2019 to reflect the latest changes in product updates. Take a moment and google the startup Lemonade that is working to d...
Company Ratings: Adapt or Die20181106174127

Company Ratings: Adapt or Die

Aner RavonNovember 6, 2018, , , 0 comments
A+? AA1? BB-? It seems as though company ratings have been here forever. Market leaders S&P, Moody’s & Fitch have pretty much written t...
How To Research Your Competitors20181104105543

How To Research Your Competitors

Roee OrenNovember 4, 2018, , 0 comments
Whether you run an online business, have a large brick and mortar franchise, or manage a small business from home, knowing about and understanding you...