Zirra Benchmarks: Now Public20190522134649

Zirra Benchmarks: Now Public

The Zirra stock performance benchmarks are based on scoring stocks and weighing their index value using our (non-market) data and (proprietary tech) i...
Howard Kramer Joins Zirra’s Advisory Board, Invests in Zirra.20190411154534

Howard Kramer Joins Zirra’s Advisory Board, Invests in Zirra.

Roee OrenApril 11, 2019, 0 comments
Zirra is pleased to welcome Mr. Howard Kramer as a strategic advisor and investor. Mr. Kramer has 38 years of experience in the U.S. securities and de...
Zirra Product Reviews20190206104317

Zirra Product Reviews

We’re all incredibly proud of what we accomplished at Zirra in 2018, namely the launch of our flagship product, Zirra Desk! However, kicking off 201...
Competitive Analysis Quick Guide [Infographic]20190117174240

Competitive Analysis Quick Guide [Infographic]

Getting started with competitive analysis to see how a company is doing within its market can seem overwhelming. Breaking it down into these 4 basic s...