Competitive Analysis Quick Guide [Infographic]

Getting started with competitive analysis to see how a company is doing within its market can seem overwhelming.

Breaking it down into these 4 basic steps will help you get off to a good start to see how your particular company or business is faring.

If you need a little deeper explanation for each of these steps, check out our full blog post How to do a Competitive Analysis.

Competitive Analysis Guide Infographic

Here at Zirra we believe in the democratization of company analysis.

We’ve built our AI company data with this as a core value and have designed our new product, Zirra Desk, to further this mission.

Zirra Desk pulls together the best available information on a company using our AI, creating a foundation for our full analysis reports, which we can then prepare for you, or you can build yourself in the Zirra Desk, working as your own analyst.

Happy Researching!