Company Analysis Products Shouldn’t Suck

There are two reasons why company analysis products are a bad buy. The first is called pricing. And then there’s the value you get for that pricing.

Company analysis is something required for a number of reasons. Investment decision support, credit ratings, competitive assessment, selecting the right strategic partners.

But it’s also necessary for plenty of other important, sometimes life-changing decisions, such as understanding the true nature of the company you are interviewing for.

In most cases, we’re not aware of our options. We google, we read something, we ask for advice, trust our intuition and make a decision, which is often uneducated, biased and wrong. These wrong decisions carry a high price, and in many cases, they are simply not an option.

Those who wish to systematically analyze a company can choose between two expensive options. They can spend hours and days collecting info and consult with professionals, or they can pay for a very expensive product, such as offered by Pitchbook, or CB Insights ( we’re talking a nice, medium size, brand new car price per a single user license here) and then… spend additional hours, days and professional advice trying to make sense of the info these products aggregate.

And this sucks. Because the information is out there and collecting it shouldn’t be so expensive. And if you do end up paying, it should be far less and for a lot more than just a dashboard of funding data, management team listings and descriptions you could have found by yourself.

The market required a disruptive approach and we decided to take it. We build software that collects company information from thousands of different sources and extends that info for free with a simple interface everyone can understand.

Zirra offers a free look at company data, funding, management, social media links, traffic analysis, IP and trademarks, open positions, key events in the company shaping history, a competitive environment scanning and more.

This is offered for free because instead of hiring hundreds of staff to make these annoying calls to companies, we built technology and licensed data. We hired smart engineers and researchers who can curate data without calling the same company 50 times and without putting together a sales team who’s measured by the ability to push a super expensive data subscriptions down our customer’s throat.

If you don’t like it being done to you, well, you shouldn’t do it to others.

And unlike other data tools, we extend full data editing rights and options. In other words, as a Zirra user, you can feel free to create a local copy, change the info we found, add your own findings, upload your files and complete your assessment without depending on us or anybody else.

Free of charge. No surprises.

We then offer two services for an attractive, reasonable and most importantly, affordable price.

Analysis Reports are a service we offer starting at $99 per assessed company. For this, our team crystalizes the data and signals to a systematic analysis report that is delivered in 1–2 days. This is a perfect tool for quick assessment and mapping your way. An example can be found here.

Our Desk Premium subscription, starting at $99 /month, offers a growing library of templates as well as your own private environment. This is perfect for a professional analyst, investor, or anyone whose competitive advantage relies on keeping their analysis confidential.

Our free assessment tool is available on Our Desk will be globally launched on November 28th. If you wish to be a part of our launch special, do not hesitate and contact me directly at or sign up here

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