Snap is Snapped. Who’s Next?

Snap is now hitting all-time lows on a quarterly basis. Was the writing on the wall? And, if so, who’s next?

Hindsight is always 20/20, but those who follow me on social media know I had a very strong “short” sentiment for Snap, prior to its IPO. It’s not that I hated Snap, I just didn’t see the “Facebook and Twitter” DNA in it. In fact, the writing was all over the wall.

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Stop Insulting My Artificial Intelligence. Please.

It seems like every company is doing something with Artificial Intelligence these days, right?


A lot of companies are using the term AI to get funding and attention. That’s not real artificial intelligence. Perhaps some sort of human intelligence or just venture capital buzzing. The bad kind. Continue reading “Stop Insulting My Artificial Intelligence. Please.”