Evening Events? Not my Thing20181228090002

Evening Events? Not my Thing

By Moshit Yaffe, Zirra Co-Founder & CEO During my evenings, if there’s no other drama, I prefer to be home and prepare myself for the coming day...
Saving Time On Company Analysis20181220161909

Saving Time On Company Analysis

Ayelet PenrodDecember 20, 2018, , 0 comments
Clock’s ticking, the weekend is nearing and you’ve still got that company analysis hanging out on your desk waiting to be finished? Put it on our ...
Looking Back On This Week’s Tips20170212140024

Looking Back On This Week’s Tips

 One of the biggest questions that arose after Snapchat’s S-1 filing is about the company’s ability to grow. As mentioned in the S-1 doc...
Looking Back On This Week’s Daily Tips20170202142944

Looking Back On This Week’s Daily Tips

1.What factors predict that a startup is likely to be successful? After have following the path of thousands of private companies, Zirra has narrowed ...