Competitive Analysis Quick Guide [Infographic]20190117174240

Competitive Analysis Quick Guide [Infographic]

Getting started with competitive analysis to see how a company is doing within its market can seem overwhelming. Breaking it down into these 4 basic s...
How to do a Competitive Analysis (2019)20190109221041

How to do a Competitive Analysis (2019)

Looking to do a competitive analysis? As a technology company entrenched in the company analysis arena, we have done our fair share of company analysi...
Evening Events? Not my Thing20181228090002

Evening Events? Not my Thing

By Moshit Yaffe, Zirra Co-Founder & CEO During my evenings, if there’s no other drama, I prefer to be home and prepare myself for the coming day...
How To Use Zirra Desk | Tutorial Guide20181216115941

How To Use Zirra Desk | Tutorial Guide

Ayelet PenrodDecember 16, 2018, 0 comments
Click on a subject to get started. Tutorials Getting Started How to Create a New Memo in Desk How to Edit an Automated Memo How to Edit Sections of a ...