Zirra Benchmarks: Now Public20190522134649

Zirra Benchmarks: Now Public

The Zirra stock performance benchmarks are based on scoring stocks and weighing their index value using our (non-market) data and (proprietary tech) i...
Zirra Product Reviews20190206104317

Zirra Product Reviews

We’re all incredibly proud of what we accomplished at Zirra in 2018, namely the launch of our flagship product, Zirra Desk! However, kicking off 201...
Driverless Cars, Wrong Direction20181115143934

Driverless Cars, Wrong Direction

Aner RavonNovember 15, 2018, 0 comments
According to different estimations — these stats are not reported regularly — $30B per year, give or take, are invested globally in helping cars m...
Snap is Snapped. Who’s Next?20181108134542

Snap is Snapped. Who’s Next?

Aner RavonNovember 8, 2018, , , 0 comments
Snap is now hitting all-time lows on a quarterly basis. Was the writing on the wall? And, if so, who’s next? Hindsight is always 20/20, but those wh...