Meet the Automatic Memo: Company Analysis Made Easy

We’re making company analysis smarter, faster, and easier. We’re excited to introduce our newest AI-based tool – the Automatic Memo.

Here are some things that take more than two minutes:

  • Getting more than two people to decide on pizza toppings
  • Tying a perfect Windsor knot
  • Realizing that the guy who’s been pitching you his startup does not actually understand blockchain technology

Here is a thing that takes less than two minutes:

  • Collecting company fingerprints and insights you need –  for any company. For free.

Zirra is proud to present its latest AI achievement: the Automatic Memo.

In the time it takes to sneeze a few times, you can search a companyand  get all the data you need to put its story together. Continue reading “Meet the Automatic Memo: Company Analysis Made Easy”