June 2015 Top investments – Part 220150620200045

June 2015 Top investments – Part 2

ZirraJune 20, 20150 comments
The top investments for June 22 show a vastly different group of leading investments, with two very different investments leading the pack: Singularit...
Pono Music: Herd or Intelligence?20150616103226

Pono Music: Herd or Intelligence?

Aner RavonJune 16, 20150 comments
A Giant Rockstar turned into a Pied Piper, A Herd of Intelligent Investors that followed him blindly, the writing that was all over the wall and a tin...
FTC slams Kickstarter fraudsters20150616100612

FTC slams Kickstarter fraudsters

ZirraJune 16, 20150 comments
It’s real! As long as there have been humans, there have been humans committing fraud. And as long as there has been fraud, there have been vict...
PingTank redefines the way you express yourself20150615093436

PingTank redefines the way you express yourself

ZirraJune 15, 20150 comments
You know that feeling when you discover something so cool it has you hopping in, or even out of, your chair from pure excitement? That is exactly what...