Snap is Snapped. Who’s Next?20181108134542

Snap is Snapped. Who’s Next?

Aner RavonNovember 8, 2018, , , 0 comments
Snap is now hitting all-time lows on a quarterly basis. Was the writing on the wall? And, if so, who’s next? Hindsight is always 20/20, but those wh...
Emmet, Analyze Slack for Me20170630154439

Emmet, Analyze Slack for Me

Although not widely reported, only a day before Amazon’s epic announcement about the acquisition of Whole Foods Market, it was also suggested that A...
Analyzing Crunchies Award Winners20170209223559

Analyzing Crunchies Award Winners

Slack is the best startup of the year, according to a TechCrunch board of tech editors, entrepreneurs, investors, and other notables. The work messagi...