Zirra Spotlight On Shiftgig20161221152012

Zirra Spotlight On Shiftgig

Shiftgig is a marketplace for businesses and talent to offer and shop for gigs or shifts in Food Service, Hospitality, Hotels, Retail, Warehouse and D...
Zirra Spotlight on Mashable20161221132357

Zirra Spotlight on Mashable

Mashable is a source for digital media with a multitude of stories on technology, business, entertainment, and current events. Mashable delivers conte...
Zirra Spotlight on Warby Parker Retail20161221122401

Zirra Spotlight on Warby Parker Retail

Founded in 2010, Warby Parker is headquartered in NYC with an additional new office in Nashville, Tennessee. The company manufactures and retails eyeg...