6 Reasons For Overvalued Unicorns20161223132903

6 Reasons For Overvalued Unicorns

Composed by Aner Ravon, Chief Insight officer and Co-Founder at Zirra The hot air around young and savvy tech startups is not going anywhere, despite ...
Analyze a Company Like A Pro in 10 Steps With Zirra20161208123017
So How Much Is Skyscanner Really Worth?20161201172818

So How Much Is Skyscanner Really Worth?

The flight search company Skyscanner sold last week to the Chinese online travel company Ctrip for $1.74 billion, becoming one more in a series of Eur...
How Do We Valuate a Startup?20161101115517

How Do We Valuate a Startup?

The highlight of the meeting with Prof. Aswath Damodaran was about fifteen minutes after we had taken our seats. We were sitting in his office, in fro...